The University of Sierra Leone through its constituent college, The College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, has received a group of professors from diverse academic and professional backgrounds to contribute to teaching, research and community service.  The need for recruitment of faculty outside Sierra Leone, arose from the loss of a number of academics at COMAHS during the ebola crisis.  The World Health Organization (WHO), through the Ministries of Health and Sanitation, and Education, Science and Technology, responded to the University’s request for highly trained and qualified faculty. Thirteen of the newly recruited faculty have assumed duty COMAHS. Among those recruited are:

  • Onike Rodrigues, a Sierra Leonean, who now heads COMAHS as Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Olulola Olutouin, Consultant Physician and Cardiologist,
  • Temidayo Ogundiran, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Surgeon,
  • Oladeni Adetunji Adeniji, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
  • Ukoha Ukoha, Professor of Anatomy
  • Margaret Afolabi, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Tiwalada Olugbade, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Ima-abasi Bassey, Associate Professor of Pathology
  • Lucy Yaguo Ide, Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Omotayo Amadu, Professor of Chemistry

The newly contracted Professors are already at work.

Professor Onike Rodrigues, Deputy Vice-Chancellor COMAHS

Following is a list of the Professors and their areas of work:

No. Name Department / Faculty Academic Rank
1. Prof. Onike Rodriques Pediatrics Professor
2. Prof. Olulola Olutoyin Oladapo Internal Medicine / Clinical Sciences Professor
3. Prof. Temidayo Ogundiran Surgery / Clinical Sciences Professor
4. Prof. Oladeni Adetunji Adeniji Obstetrics Professor
5. Prof. Samuel Babafemi Olaleye Physiology / Basic Medical Sciences Professor
6. Prof. Ukoha Ukoha Anatomy / Basic Medical Sciences Professor
7. Prof. Omolara Orafidiya Pharmaceutics / Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor
8. Prof. Margaret Alolabi Clinical Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor
9. Prof. Tiwalada Olugbade Pharmaceutical Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor
10. Dr. Lucy Yaguo Ide Paediatrics  / Clinical Sciences Professor
11. Dr. Ima-Absi Bassey (Associate Professor) Histopathology / Basic Medical Sciences Associate Professor
12. Prof. Omotayo Amuda Premedical / Pre-Pharmacy Programmes (Chemistry) / Basic Medical Sciences Senior Lecturer
13. Mr. Abdul Konteh Premedical / Pre-Pharmacy Programmes (Mathematics / Basic Medical Sciences Lecturer

The new faculty will work with their home-based counterparts who have worked assiduously to promote teaching, research and community service over the years at COMAHS.  The University Administration wish all of them well.

The newly contracted Professors pose for a group photograph

By Munda Rogers