The DeanFourah Bay College – Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences

Dr. Abdul Babatunde Karim

Dr. Abdul B. Karim, BSc, MSc, (USL), DPhil, (Oxford), Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty

The faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences consist of 7 departments, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and the Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography. 
Each department has programmes leading to undergraduate and post graduate degrees. There is also a BSc degree with Engineering Option.

Location: Office of the Dean, Pure and Applied Sciences, Strasser-King Building.


Telephone: +232 (76) 623795

Department of Biological Sciences

Mrs. Fatmata J. Kaiwa – HOD

Head of Biological Sciences Department.

The department trains students in the general biology, environmental sciences and ecology. Students that graduate from the department can specialize in various areas of biology – (Zoologist, Botanists, Environmentalists, Ecologists, Epidemiologists etc)

Mrs. Fatmata J. Kaiwa – HOD 
(BSc General; B.Sc Hons; in Biological Sciences, M.Sc in Conservation Biology 

Facilities : Departmental Library, Herbarium, Research Lab, Museum

Location: FBC Campus, Chaytor Building.

Email Address:

Telephone: +232 (78) 331979T

Department of Chemistry

Mr. Pascal Obed Egbenda

Head of Chemistry Department

The Department lectures undergraduates as well as postgraduates, MSc and Ph.D. we service other faculties e.g. Engineering, Geology and Biological Sciences.

Mr. Pascal Obed Egbenda – HOD 
(BSc General; B.Sc Hons; M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D)

Facilities : Departmental Library, Research Lab.

Location: Department of Chemistry Building, F.B.C, Mount Aureol

Email Address:

Telephone: +232 (76) 652429

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Professor. Joseph Aruna Lawrence Kamara

Head of Mathematics and Statistics Department

The department is one of the oldest within the West African Sub-Region. It has produced several graduates and eminent scholars, who hold important offices both in Sierra Leone and elsewhere.

Professor. Joseph Aruna Lawrence Kamara)
(BS.C Hons, M.Sc, Ph.D – Mathematical Demography and Statistics)

Location: Department of Mathematics and Statistics Building, F.B.C, Mount Aureol

Email Address:,, 

Telephone: +232 (78) 394079

Department of Physics

Dr. Samuel Edmond Nonie (Associate Professor)

Head of Department of Physics.

Department offers undergraduate degrees in Physics. Currently, there are 12 Staff members, 6 post grad students and 125 Undergraduate students.

Dr. Samuel Edmond Nonie (Associate Professor) – HOD
(BS.C (Hons), M.Sc, Ph.D in Physics)

Facilities : Computer Lab for Teaching, Physics Experimental Labs, Nuclear Science Lab, Mechanical Workshop

Location: Department of Physics Building, F.B.C, Mount Aureol

Email Address:

Telephone: +232 (78) 394079

Department of Geology

Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography

The institute of Marine Biology and oceanography was Established in 1965. It’s mission is to collect and analyze data that will contribute to knowledge about the marine & coastal environment and their resources, particularly in the Sierra Leone territorial Waters for sustainable management and environmental protection. 
The institute also conduct research studies train young Marine Scientist and technicians as well provide advice to the Government for the purpose of formulating appropriate Fisheries Marine time legislation. The institute participate in various regional and sub-regional projects

Dr. Raymond Geoffrey Johnson- HOD 
MSc (Hons) PhD

Location: Dept of Biology Building, F. B. C. Campus 

email Address:


Research Interests:Oceanography (coastal and marine Environment), Climate change.

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Department of Geography

The Department of Geography is within the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Fourah Bay College. The Department also services the Arts Faculty. Geography Department conducts researches in various areas of Geography Studies, Train Students and Provide Support to Government Programmes. 

Course includes: Modules in Urban and Rural Geography, Transport Geography, Geographic Information, System and Geomformatics, Meteorology and Climatology, Hydrology, Human and Physical Geography .

Dr. Reynold Godfrey Johnson – HOD
(MSc, PhD in Geography)

Facilities : Computer Lab and Departmental Library 

Email Address:

Location: Department of Geography Building, Fourah Bay College Campus